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You Are Going To Die - The Best Eyeopener Advice

     You Are Going To Die               A blog On Human's Greatest Commodity. The headline gives us a little sense of confusion and fear. In the first place, it doesn't,t seem to be a typical motivational blog but if you really understand the meaning of the headline, then only would you know the depth of the statement "You are going to die" . Before revealing human's greatest commodity,  I would like to thank you all for visiting the blog and subscribe to the blog site for future posts. "Using social media for hours and then feeling guilty for wasting your time " sounds familiar? I am pretty sure that this happens to all of us a lot. So, What was your guilt all about? "It's about wasting your precious commodity and that is - Time ". Now you got the idea that in this blog we are going to talk about Time which is our greatest commodity. Time - All of us know the value of time and the wonders it can cause in our lives but "
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How to convert failure into success

                                  "How to get over failure" Failure and success are no different and indeed opposite sides of the same coin. In this blog, I will try to show you the unseen side of failure with my glasses and discuss various aspects of failure such as, "why people often fear to fail?", "Is there any other side of failure" and then some subtle tricks that will help you convert failure into success. But first, thank you for visiting the blog.  Subscribe  to the blog to get more content in future and if you like the content then share it with your friends ( Sharing Is Caring ). A few days back, I was watching a biography featuring 'Elon Musk' which says that he is the "Man of Failure". For those who don't know him, he is the C.E.O. of Space X, which is a private American aerospace company founded by him. So, after failing for 3 times in a row to successfully launch his first mission in spa

Walk your talk-The Story Of An Unbreakable Will.

WALK YOUR TALK             Your Talk Talks And Your Walk Talks,        But Your Walk Talks Louder Than Your Talk Talks. You may often cross paths with this term "Walk Your Talk" but what does it actually mean? It simply means your actions match your words but according to me there is a little bit deeper meaning of this term. People aren't going to follow your words but they are going to follow your actions.  According to me, It's about one of the human's biggest asset and yet the hardest to achieve our "Will Power ". We all have this asset but hardly anyone considers it's effects in our daily lifestyle. Talking of Will Power we can give each other numerous examples of how 'humans have achieved something extraordinary with it ' but then 'Why we give examples when we can be an example on our own'?  'Will Power' -  It's our commitment and dedication towards our goals. It dete

Your Life , Your Race

       Run Your Own Race                                    Run your own race, Run at your own pace. Just a few days back when I was reading the book " The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", I came across this term Run Your Own Race. Suddenly a memory of an advertisement flashed inside my head. The tagline for this advertisement was " Be the first you !" In this advertisement, you can see a group of students giving you the message that rather than being the second of someone else,  Be the first of you.  What do I mean by 'Run your own race'?   According to me, there are two perspectives to see this. First -Do not compare yourself with others. You're in charge of your own life won't be affected by someone else's opinion. Do not let the feelings like jealousy and hate decide your path and remember the only person you're competing with is You. Second -Every single person you know can only tell you " how to finish yo

Celebrating The Success.

Celebrations from a different perspective "Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed". With these lines, I want to start my blog on our success and how to celebrate it. You should not only celebrate your big achievements only but also the small ones too. Find joy in every achievement whether big or small and gift yourself few moments of joy and rest in this fast and busy life. Do you remember how you used to feel when you offered candies as a reward for your good deeds as kids. So why don't we continue this? Why don't we bring that feeling back? The reasons why we should celebrate our day to day to success are, It makes you feel great, full of energy. Our day to day accomplishments fills our body and soul with loads of energy. Also, celebration increases our confidence and we develop a feeling of self-confidence. You start believing in yourself and your capabilities of achieving your goa

Happiness And How It Affects Us

Happiness And How It Affects Us  "Success is not key to the happiness, happiness is key to the success. If you love what you are doing, you will be  successful "                                                                                     -Albert Schweitzer Up until now, we have listened a lot about "Happiness". So actually, What Is Happiness !??   There is no straight answer to this question.  The measure of happiness varies from person to person like for some getting good marks is happiness, while for some talking to "That" person is an achievement but according to me, happiness is a feeling which we feel which arises from our core and make us forget every worry in that moment of time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

How to cultivate the garden of your mind.

            Your Mind Is A Garden  " Your mind is the garden, Your thoughts are the seeds. You can either grow flowers or weeds."                            -William Wordsworth These are the famous lines from William Wordsworth which signifies the importance of our mind and the thoughts which we put into it. Our mind is the most lavishing garden one could feel in his entire lifetime. The mind is the king of our body. So, what you put in it goes into your body. It's a lavish garden, So it's on you whether you want to grow the most beautiful flowers in the world or the poisonous weeds. Don't put any negative thought in this lavish garden, just be positive in every situation and always the brightest days comes after the darkest of nights. The least of 60,000 thoughts comes in our mind in a day, So you should concentrate only on the thoughts which are positive and affect you and shouldn't let your focus be diverted by those useless tho